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First Block

Here's what we're offering in this mini-mester!

TEE Confirmation

Required for Temple Emanu-El 10th

We Belong: Inclusion for Madrichim

Expert Educator Rebecca Wanatick will be teaching this course aimed at teens working as madrichim. How can we help every child be intellectually, socially, and spiritually supported and included in our spaces?

Jewish Giving

Tzedakah is an act of justice that improves the lives of both the giver and receiver. How can we give Jewishly? What values impact our distribution of finite resources? How can we give in a way that respects human dignity?


This student guided class is a chance to bring your challenges into a safe space. Ask your questions about whatever topic is on your mind and work with peers and educators to find a nuanced and meaningful answer.

Hot Takes on Hot Topics

Lashon HaRa - Evil Language

Shahar, our community rishon, leads an interest focused class on life in Israel. From Kibbutzim to Tel Aviv, from pop music and slang to army service, learn a little bit about our Jewish home.

Second Block

Here's what we're offering this mini-mester!

Civil Rights Trip Pre-learning

This look at the history of the civil rights movement in America and how and why Jews got involved is aimed at teen going on the TEE trip, but open and meaningful for everyone.

Hiddur Mitzvah

This hands on art class will make a tzedakah box that will inspire us to give more thoughtfully and beautifully. Every mitzvah deserves to be done beautifully.

Empathy Mapping

It's not always easy to talk to people we disagree with, or don't have much in common with. This class will teach a tool called the empathy map, designed to help us understand each other, disagree respectfully, and ultimately, to have more productive conversations.

Jews and Justice

Learn how the Jewish concept of “tikkun olam (repairing the world)” became a central value of liberal Judaism in the 20th and 21st Centuries.  We will explore the people, events, and places that brought Jews into solidarity with the movements around them.

Responding to Tragedy 

Jewish history is unfortunately filled with many challenges and examples of tragedy and different people respond differently. During these sessions Rabbi Tillman will lead a look at some different ways people have responded including music, humor, activism, and speaking out. 

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