First Block

Here's what we're offering in this mini-mester!

L'Atid L'avo - Conference on the Reform Jewish Future

Required for Temple Sholom 8th, open to all

Scrapbooking as Reflexive Exercise

An exploration of identity for the artist and visual learner. How can we use an artistic exercise to explore our values, and show ourselves to others.

Sh'mirat HaLashon

Life and Death are in the hand of the tongue - in these modern days, more than ever. This class will take a Jewish look at gossip, internet virality, "cancel culture", and the power of human speech.

The Israeli Self

How do we get a better grip on who we are - and who we want to be? This class will look at identity and self-authorship as Jewish young adults.

Exploring the Self

Lashon HaRa - Evil Language

How is becoming a Jewish adult in Israel similar to in America? How is it different? A Look at communal connections.

Non-Traditional Block

Here's what we're offering this mini-mester!

Confirmation, TEE

Limited to Temple Emanu-El 10th graders

Meditative Music - Abstract Art and the Jewish Soul

This unification of art and music encourages the listener into Jewish self-expression. What might come out of us with proper inspiration and no artistic rules?

American Jew or Jewish American?

Are these synonyms or not? How do our overlapping Jewish and American identities shape us? 

Rhythm and Jews

From Kinky Friedman to the Beastie Boys - and several others, this class explores Jews who rock, and the music they make.

The Joys and Oys

Through humor, modern media, and text, we will explore some of the best things about being Jewish - and some of the most annoying.